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Subscription Services

Farmacy Co-op (not-for-profit social enterprise) is focused on access to organic food, health & wellbeing, regenerative agriculture, local food systems, local production/economies, national food security & secure access to essential items.  


  • Join the club now, start using our subscription services & utilise the benefits

  • Receive 1 or 2 boxes every Fortnight - Weekly options available soon

  • More Convenient - No need to remember to pay 

  • Your Boxes are Guaranteed - Don’t worry about us selling out

  • Flexible - change your subscription or cancel at any time

  • Support a Local Not-for-Profit - redirect your money from supermarkets & other corporations

  • Community Leadership  - You can help us create food security and improved health & wellbeing for your family & friends


Extra Discounts 

We want to reward you for your commitment to our work.  You will be sent a personal promo code giving you discounts on additional boxes, additional items and future products & services.


10% discount code for additional items

  • Buying 24 boxes in bulk 


10% discount

  • Buying 18 boxes in bulk

7.5% discount

  • Buying 12 boxes in bulk


5% discount

  • Buying 6 boxes in bulk


5% discount

  • All Monthly Subscriptions

Access to Additional Items 

  • Extra Fruit & Veg? Buy the produce you love 

  • Organic Staples - freshly baked bread, rice, oats, lentils, pasta, beans, seeds, nuts, flour etc.

  • Natural Essentials - soap, toothpaste, cleaning products, shampoo, laundry liquid, toiletries, loo roll etc. 

  • Organic hand pressed Apple Juice

Work or Volunteer for Farmacy Co-op

  • We will update you first when we are recruiting

  • Volunteer / Pro Bono work (for the public good) 

  • Paid Contract Work - we’ll probably recruit from the group of volunteers

  • Consumer-Member recruitment - you can become an owner

  • Worker-Member recruitment - you can become an owner & work for this fantastic project

Priority Access to Additional Boxes

  • We will alert you first re. what the contents are in each box and the number of boxes that are available

  • Buy extra boxes for yourself or gift them to family or friends

Swap Box Items In Standard Boxes

  • Exchange one item you don’t like or want

Personalise Your Box 

  • We now offer a Create Your Own Box option.  Click here for more information.

Earn Free Boxes & Credits

  • You qualify for being able to promote our services and earn free boxes

  • Use a personalised Promo Code to tell your family & friends about us

  • Each time the code is used you will earn "Credits" and each time someone then subscribes to our service then you will earn more Credits - allowing you to get free boxes & additional items as a thank you

  • Claim your free boxes, gift them to family or friends or donate to someone that is in need

Health Programs (Coming Soon)

  • First Health Program will be focused on Boosting Immunity

  • ​4 week program with support

  • Fresh fruit & veg delivered weekly

  • Specific natural/organic supplementation

  • Guidance / Information / Recipes

  • Remote one-to-one coaching

1 X Standard Box Every 2 Weeks - 2 boxes / 4 weeks (£21 / box)   

  • £42 - Collection from Bakewell

  • £46 / £47 - Local Collection Point

  • £51 - Home Delivery (£42 boxes + £9 shipping)

4 Weekly Subscription

2 X Standard Boxes Every 2 Weeks - 4 boxes / 4 weeks (20.90 / box)

  • £83.60 - Collection from Bakewell

  • £91.60 / £93.60 - Local Collection Point

  • £96.60 - Home Delivery (£83.60 boxes + £13 shipping)

1 X Create Your Own Order Every 2 Weeks - 2 Orders / 4 weeks (£30 Min Spend / Order)   

  • £60 / 4 Weeks 

  • Local Collection Point or Home Delivery Paid For When Choosing Items

  • Click here for more information or contact us

Buying Boxes in Bulk - SPECIAL OFFER

We reward commitment to our service with discounts on the boxes - the longer the commitment the bigger the discount!   Click here for more information.

Start Your Subscription Now

4 Weekly Subscription

  • You will need to set up a 4 Weekly Recurring Payment or Standing Order with your bank  

  • We will email you our bank details once you have confirmed what type of Subscription you want.

  • You are in control of this payment and can cancel whenever you want (giving us 10 days notice)

Buying 6 - 24 Boxes in Bulk / 3 - 12 Months Subscription

  • Peace of mind knowing you'll have secure access to organic food and essential items

  • You let us know how many boxes you want and what length of time you want them delivered over

  • You can pause deliveries if you’re away and can even gift boxes to family & friends.

  • Once you complete the information below, we will email you next steps - either pay with a bank transfer or pay online

  • You pay upfront for 6 - 24 boxes

  • We will alert you when you need to renew your subscription

To set up your subscription services, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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