Farmacy Co-op is Expanding

We are currently based in Bakewell but will be launching Pop-Up Co-ops from community spaces at the following locations:  Altrincham, Radcliffe (Manchester), Sheffield, Derby & Nottingham.  Please register your details and we'll keep you updated with information re. your local Farmacy Co-op. 

We will be launching Co-ops throughout the UK in 2021 so please leave your details below and we can prioritse your community.  The more demand there is in one area, the quicker we’ll go through this process.


  1. New local delivery route & Local Driver for individual customer drop offs

  2. Collection Point - significantly reduced shipping fee.  Boxes in bulk dropped off at one point. Members then collect the boxes from that place and the & Local Driver will deliver to anyone that wants that.

  3. Pop-up Co-op - produce & essential items delivered from our national network to a “community venue”.  People in the area can buy what they need from the local people running the Co-op. There is a focus on identifying local produce & products.  Small local farmers market, local economic hub and community space.

  4. Permanent Store - Hybrid of a Co-op & Community Hub - Farmacy Co-op funded and/or crowdfunded.  Using a type of Franchise Model with support from Farmacy Co-op HQ.  Decentalised and locally owned.

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