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Farmacy Co-op is Expanding

Farmacy Co-op provide boxes & of organic food for collection from The Agricultural Business Centre, Agricultural Way, Bakewell DE45 1AH every other Wednesday between 11am and 4pm and Thursday (subscribers only) between 11am and 1pm.  

We also deliver and are building a national distribution network that is secure and owned by the People - so our family & friends always have access to organic food and essential items.  This network will be interconnected with local food & economic systems all over the country.


We are focused on access to organic food, improved health & wellbeing, permaculture / agroecology / regenerative agriculture, local food systems, local production/economies, national food security & secure access to essential items.

Stage 1 - Create a Secure Distribution Network

You can click here to check what stage we are at for your community but here are the stages.

Collection Points

Would you be interested in offering your home as a collection point?  Click here to contact us with your interest.


  • We won't advertise your full address online or in the public  

  • We deliver boxes (3 - 10) to your home on a Weds or Thurs afternoon - you choose the pick up times for our customers / subscribers that are convenient for you

  • We offer you a 25% discount on your personal order / subscription (as you'll be a volunteer - Collection Point Coordinator)

  • You don't have to pay shipping on your subscription / order

  • Other volunteer benefits 

  • Meet like minded people in your community / the beginning of a local group focused on our plans

Local Drivers & Home Delivery

  1. Temporary Delivery Route - To do this we need a Driver with the right attitude and enough demand. 

  2. Semi Permanent - Local Driver Delivery Route - 5 subscribers & Local Driver

  3. Permanent & Secure Delivery Route - 10 subscribers, Local Driver


Stage 2 - Local Co-ordinator and Local Services

Once a delivery route is permanent & secure, our Local Co-ordinator will analyse the local area, get the opinion of our subscribers and collaborate with other community groups & organisations to bring in the following services:


  • Collection Point - save on the shipping fee and the beginning of a community hub

  • Pop-up Co-op - organic farmers market / local economic hub

  • Organic Food Production - pre-made meals / cooked & raw / Canning / freeze-dried products

  • Local Manufacturing - beginning with the production of essential items / serving the People

  • Health Programs - focused on the route cause of disease & healing / food & support provided

  • Seed Banks - interconnected to other local banks / has to be part of any food security plan

  • Local Boxes - locally packed / organic Fruit & Veg / organic Staples / Natural Essential Items

  • Food Bank - free or very affordable food boxes and access to emergency food

  • Food Storage - pay us to purchase & store food, keeping it stored in a safe place 

  • Community Farms - organic / food security / community building / permaculture / syntropic agroforestry / learning centres / health & wellbeing / community herbalism / connection to nature

  • Local Distribution Network - people-powered / using all modes of transport / interconnected with other local networks to form a regional & national network

  • Permanent Venue for a Community Hub which will be a separate not-for-profit Co-operative - owned by the local members.  This Hub will offer local products, services & events.  Farmacy Co-op funded and/or crowdfunded.  

  • Other Core Systems & Services - we have much more in mind but need to prioritise secure access to the food & essential items


Please register your details and we'll keep you updated with information re. our plan for your community and how you can get involved.

Register Your Location

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