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How Can You Help?

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise that is focused on building a national distribution network that is secure and owned by local communities - so our family & friends always have access to organic food and essential items.  This network will be interconnected with local food & economic systems all over the country.  You can support us in many ways but we have to come together and help create the solutions we need.

We're currently in Stage 1 of our strategy but will be entering Stage 2 soon, which is when we'll have a Local Coordinator for your community and will then introduce more & more Local Services.  Click here for more info.​


Please do help us spread the word and tell your family & friends about us.  They can use this link to register their location.  You can also help us start a delivery route into your community and then more services - click here for more information.

Help us Spread the Word

Local & Regional Drivers

Could you (or someone you know) be one of our drivers?  We’ll plan out the route and email you all the information.  We will pay for petrol and give you a large box of organic fruit & veg as a thank you.  Depending on how many boxes you deliver, we will also pay extra towards your time.  Customers pay a shipping fee and all this money goes towards our drivers. 

  • Regular drivers will be given complimentary membership to our subscription service

  • Drivers also get a 10% discount on all additional boxes and items

  • As a thank you for helping, we will give you "Credits" - the more deliveries the more Credits - that can be used towards free boxes and discount codes for additional items

  • Community Leader - meet everyone in your area wanting to create the solutions


We currently have three types of driver:

  1. Driver - Drive to Bakewell and collect the boxes for a specific delivery route.  Dropping off boxes as you drive home.  

  2. Local Driver - our Regional Driver would deliver up to 10 boxes at your home between 1pm and 5pm (depending where you live) on the day of each Co-op (every fortnight on a Thursday).  You would then deliver the boxes in your local area at some point before the day has finished, with the route lasting between 30 mins and 2 hours - depending how good the conversations are!  You'll meet some great people and create some fabulous local connections - focused on building a community of like-minded people.  

  3. Regional Driver - van or large car needed, picking up 50 - 100 boxes and dropping them off in bulk at the numerous homes of our Local Drivers.

Support our mission even further!  We are looking for a number of people to support our mission. We need coordinators and support staff in the following areas;

  • Website

  • Recruitment

  • Operations

  • Logistics

  • Finance

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Fundraising

Please click here to contact us regarding your interest.  We would love to hear from you! :)

Join Our Team

Support Our Work

  • Order a One-Off Box - click here and then use the filter to see what boxes are available in your local area.  Your support, your vote with your (£) money is helping to create alternative systems & services that are secure for our family & friends.  Rather than feed the corporate beast, redirect your money into a not-for-profit

  • 4 Weekly Subscription - you set up a recurring 4 weekly payment with your bank. Flexible - you're in control of this and can pause or cancel whenever you want.  We are building these services for our Subscribers, so our family & friends always have access to organic food and essential items.  As soon as we have enough Subscribers in one area, we will then launch more services including a pop-up co-op / organic farmers market, community hub, local organic farms, local food production, seed banks, food storage options / further security and further local infrastructure.  Click here for more info.

  • Buy Boxes in Bulk - you pay for 6 - 24 boxes and get additional savings & benefits.  Peace of mind knowing you've always got access, you decide how often you receive boxes, what duration your subscription is for & can pause if you are away.  Click here for more info.

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