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If there are items in the standard boxes we offer that you don't like or want - then why not Create Your Own box.  You choose all the items that go into your box - meaning you can design the perfect box for your family! 


  • We currently deliver every 2 weeks - some locations on Wednesdays & others on Thursdays 


Delivery Options!

  • Click here to check whether we deliver to you on a Wednesday OR Thursday
  • We continue to expand!  Click here to check your postcode & our plans for your communtiy


Create Your Own Box


  1. Buy this "digital product" 
  2. We'll then email you within 24 hours with a Voucher Code for £30 with info on next steps on how to choose the items you want
  3. You'll create your own box from a list of Organic / Natural:
  • Fruit & Veg (30+ items)
  • Freshly Baked Sourdough Bread
  • Hand Pressed Fruit Juice  
  • Oats, Muesli, Nuts, Seeds & Dried Fruit 
  • Rice, Pasta, Tea & Plant-Based Milk 

  • Jars & Tins:  Beans, Lentils, Other Veg, Sauces 

  • Natural & Eco-Friendly Cleaning Items (unavailable at the moment)

  • Natural & Eco-Friendly Toiletries (unavailable at the moment)

Create Your Own Box - 26th & 27th June

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