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We are currently taking orders for the new Natural Home Essentials Box.  If you are not sure that we deliver to your home - click here to check. 


All items in the box are made with ingredients that are natural, non/low toxic, eco friendly and prodced in Britain.


If you order, we'll email you one week before the next Co-op with the box contents.


  • We currently deliver every 2 weeks - some locations on Wednesdays & others on Thursdays 


Delivery Options!

  • Click here to check whether we deliver to you on a Wednesday OR Thursday
  • We continue to expand!  Click here to check your postcode & our plans for your communtiy


Here are the contents in the previous Home Essentials Box:


12th May


  1. Ecoleaf Liquid Hand Soap - 500ml
  2. Ecoleaf Washing Up Liquid - 500ml
  3. Ecozone Multi Surface Wipes - Anti Bac (x40)
  4. Method Multi Purpose Cleaner - 500ml
  5. Ecoleaf Toilet Cleaner - 750ml
  6. Ecoleaf Ecoleaf 3 Ply Kitchen Towels (2 rolls)
  7. Ecoleaf Ecoleaf Toilet Tissue (4 rolls)
  8. Friendly Soap Shampoo Bar-Lavender & TT - 95g




  • Ecoleaf 3 Ply Kitchen Towels - 2 rolls
  • Ecoleaf Washing Up Liquid Concentrated - 500ml
  • Bio D Handwash (Lime & Aloe Vera) - 500ml
  • Kingfisher Mint Toothpaste (Fluride Free) - 100ml
  • Ecoleaf Multi Surface Cleaner - 500ml
  • Ecoleaf Laundry Liquid - 1.5L

Natural Home Essentials Box - 26th & 27th June

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