Would you like freshly baked organic sourdough delivered to your home?...literally hours after it's been taken out of the oven.


Wye Rye (Soughdough): Organic Rye Flour (30%), Organic Whole Wheat Flour (30%), Water (38%), Salt (1.6%).


Lower in gluten than wholemeal, Slightly sour aroma with an overtone of beer. Crusty crust with a pleasantly varied colour and a fairly open-texture crumb.


Made from wild yeast starter.  It's a slow dough with 16 hour proof.


Baked by our friends Wye Bakehouse in Bakewell.  We've had fantastic feedback on this bread.  Highly recomended!


PLEASE NOTE:  You need to order a box to be able to buy the bread

Wye Rye (Soughdough) - 500g