We are now taking orders for Thurs 16th December! You need to order a box to be able to buy the bread.


Would you like freshly baked organic sourdough delivered to your home?...literally hours after it's been taken out of the oven.


Wye Rye (Soughdough): Organic Rye Flour (30%), Organic Whole Wheat Flour (30%), Water (38%), Salt (1.6%).


Lower in gluten than wholemeal, Slightly sour aroma with an overtone of beer. Crusty crust with a pleasantly varied colour and a fairly open-texture crumb.


Made from wild yeast starter.  It's a slow dough with 16 hour proof.


Baked by our friends Wye Bakehouse in Bakewell.  We've had fantastic feedback on this bread.  Highly recomended!


PLEASE NOTE:  You need to order a box to be able to buy the bread

Wye Rye (Soughdough) - 500g