Our Large Organic Veg Box.  This box contains a mix of seasonal British veg & favourite veg from our European farms.  We will buy as much produce as possible from Britain but we'll be sourcing the best vegetables from Europe as well.


Please choose "Bakewell Collection Only" for shipping for free collection from Friends Meeting House, Chapel Lane, Bakewell, DE45 1EL. You can order a box now for Thursday 12th August and can collect between 1pm & 2pm.


  • Can't collect, we also offer a delivery service for the DE45 postcodes.
  • We are setting up new delivery routes all the time.  Click here to register your location and we'll email you with details on when we can deliver.


The produce in the box changes each time, but will always be organic.  Use our subscription service and tell us what you want in the box or swap items you don't want.  We will email you and update the website on Weds 4th Aug with the box contents for 12th Aug.  Here is a list of the produce that was in our recent Veg Boxes:


Thurs 29th July


  • Bambino Potatoes (900g - 1100g) - East Suffolk Produce in Suffolk
  • Cauliflower (1 head) - Pollybell Farm, Doncaster
  • Red Kale (250g) - Newfields in Fadmoor, North Yorkshire
  • Red Onion - Cal Valls in Spain
  • Bunched Purple Carrots (500g) - James Foskett Farms, Suffolk
  • Green Batavia Lettuce (1 head) - Strawberry Fields in the Lincolnshire Fens
  • British Tomatoes on the Vine (4 - 6 units) - The Tomato Stall in Isle of Wight
  • Yellow Pepper (500g - 600g) - Camposeven, Spain
  • Leeks (1 unit) - Home Farm Nacton, Ipswich
  • Sweetcorn (1 unit) - Dynamis, France


Thurs 15th July


  • Broccoli (1 - 2 heads) - New Farm in Lincoln
  • British Tomatoes on the Vine (4 - 6 units) - The Tomato Stall in Isle of Wight
  • Green Oakleaf Lettuce (1 head) - Strawberry Fields in the Lincolnshire Fens
  • New season Maris Peer Potatoes (900g - 1000g) - East Suffolk Produce
  • Chestnut Mushrooms (200g - 250g) - Orchard Organics, Armagh in Northern Ireland
  • Ruby Chard (200g) - Burscough Community Growers in Ormskirk
  • Red Palermo Peppers (3 - 5 units) -  Camposeven in Spain
  • Cucumber (1 unit) - Bioalgarrobo in Spain
  • Orange Hokkaido Squash (1 unit) - Biovergel in Spain
  • Hass Avocados (2 - 3 units) - Fairtrasa in Peru


Thurs 1st July


  • Sweet Potato (900g - 1000g) - Biovergel in Spain
  • British Tomatoes on the Vine (400g - 500g) - The Tomato Stall in Isle of Wight
  • Green Batavia Lettuce (1 head) - Strawberry Fields in the Lincolnshire Fens
  • Yellow Peppers (600g - 700g) - Camposeven in Spain
  • Green Kale (250g) - Newfields in Fadmoor, North Yorkshire
  • Cauliflower (1 head) - New Farm in Lincoln
  • Bunched Beetroot (500g) - James Foskett Farms, Suffolk
  • Yellow Onion with Tops (1 bunch) - Strawberry Fields in the Lincolnshire Fens
  • Aubergine (1 - 2 units) - C. W. Haslum & Son, Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire
  • Rainbow Carrots (750g - 850g) - Zann in Holland


We believe that access to organic food is not a privilege, it's a human right. Farmacy Co-op gives you access to healthy food that will allow you to feed your family with confidence. Our team are qualified in Nutrition, Naturopathy & Detoxification and truly care about the health of your family. We only source produce that we would eat and feed to our own family.

Organic Veg - Bakewell - Large Box - 12th August