Large box of fruit & veg focused on boosting natural health & immunity.  This box contains a mix of seasonal British produce & other favourites from around the world. 


If you live in the following postcodes, you can order a box now for Thursday 11th March!  M9, M18, M23, M25, M26, M32, M33, M34, WA13, WA14, WA15, BL6, BL7, BL8, SK2, SK5, SK12, SK17 & SK23


We only have room for 18 boxes on this route so please order as soon as possible, so to avoid disappointment.  If your postcode in not mentioned above, please click here to register your location and we'll contact you as soon as we can deliver.  We have waiting lists for many areas so please do register your location.


Here are the contents of the box for Thurs 11th March:


  • Natyra Apples (weight TBC) - Mole End Farm, Tunbridge Wells in UK
  • Conference Pears (weight TBC) -  Zann in Rotterdam
  • White Marsh Grapefruit (weight TBC) - Biovergel, Valencia in Spain
  • Bananas (weight TBC) - Fyffes Bio, Dominican Republic
  • Purple Carrots (weight TBC) - Royal Oak, Scarisbrick in Lancashire
  • Green Batavia Lettuce (1 large head) - Dynamis in France
  • Plum Tomatoes (weight TBC) - Bio Algarrobo, Malaga in Spain
  • Marfona Potatoes (weight TBC) - Newfields Organics,  Fadmoor in North Yorkshire
  • Broccoli (weight TBC) - Thaymin in Spain
  • Yellow Onion (weight TBC) - Zann in Rotterdam


The produce in the box changes each time, but will always be organic. We're currently focused on having 4 choices of fruit, 4 or 5 choices of vegetables and some leafy greens.  Here's what was recently in this box:


Monday 22nd February


  • Rainbow Carrots (500g - 600g) - Royal Oak, Scarisbrick in Lancashire
  • Sunita Potatoes (680g - 780g) - Newfields Organics,  Fadmoor in North Yorkshire
  • Cabbage Savoy (one head) - Pollybell Farm in Lincolnshire
  • Spartan Apples (650g - 750g) - Mole End Farm in Tunbridge Wells
  • Red Little Gem Lettuce (one head) - Camposeven, Murcia in Spain
  • Cauliflower (one head) - Thaymin in Spain
  • Aubergine (350g - 400g) - Bio Algarrobo, Malaga in Spain
  • Plum Tomatoes (450g - 500g) - Bio Algarrobo, Malaga in Spain
  • Fairtrade Bananas (700g - 750g) - Fairtrasa in Dom. Rep
  • Onion Yellow (350g - 400g) - Zann in Rotterdam
  • Conference Pears (450g - 500g) -  Zann in Rotterdam


We believe that access to organic food is not a privilege, it's a human right. Farmacy Co-op gives you access to healthy food that will allow you to feed your family with confidence. Our team are qualified in Nutrition, Naturopathy & Detoxification and truly care about the health of your family. We only source produce that we would eat and feed to our own family.

Organic Fruit & Veg - Greater Manchester - Large Box


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